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Detox Program Options

Option 1
Comprehensive Plan

Premier Program/Full Cleanse

Embark on a transformative 7-day full cleanse, cleanse, complete with specialized recipes, a a detailed schedule, and a tailored intake plan to plan to purify your body and mind.

80/20 Life

Embrace the freedom of the 80/20 principle, principle, integrating your Discover You practices practices into a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle lifestyle beyond the structured program.

Victory Program

Solidify your newfound habits and lessons with the 21-day Victory Program, gradually reintroducing approved solid foods while receiving continued support.

Comprehensive Support

Enjoy personalized guidance, tailored resources, resources, and ongoing check-ins to ensure your ensure your success throughout the Discover You Discover You Detox journey.

Option 1

Wellbeing Investment


(Payable in two installments.
Total due prior to start of program)
Option 2
Elite Plan

45-Minute Consultation

Receive personalized guidance and instruction to ensure you complete the DY Detox program with confidence and success.

Curated Recipes

Enjoy a collection of specially crafted recipes to accompany you during the 7-day Premier Program.

Discover You Workbook

Dive into the Discover Discover You Workbook (Volume 1), a thorough resource to support you throughout your detox journey.

Detox Programs

Explore the Premier Program (full detox) and and the Victory Program Program (modified detox) to find the right path for your transformation.

Option 2

Wellbeing Investment


(one time investment)
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