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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a toxin?

A toxin is a chemical or poison that comes in various forms and from numerous sources.  We absorb them through food, water, air, and from chemicals used to grow and prepare most packaged food.  Our bodies process toxins through  our liver and kidneys.  The actual response of the body to toxins is different from person to person and also is determined by numerous factors.  The top signs that you are suffering from a toxicity overload include: sugar cravings, low or inconsistent energy, bloating or gas, caffeine addiction, binge eating or drinking, mood swings/anxiety, brain fog, fluid retention, migraines or headache, stubborn weight loss.

Who is encouraged to detox?


The majority of us can usually benefit from the rest to their body that a detox will provide. A clogged and impacted digestive system will mean you're only absorbing a fraction of the nutrients you're consuming.  Your whole body is an impressive self-cleansing machine; however, it can become hindered in this job if you consume an excessive amount of dairy products, meat, processed food and fatty food, which congest the system, or you are exposed to the huge range of harmful chemicals all around us.  A detoxification provides your body the jump start it needs to begin a path of healthy living.

What is the right time to start a detox?


The right time to detox is when you start to feel any of the toxic overload symptoms.  I personally believe in detoxing during the seasonal changes or once a quarter.  A variety of experts recommend at least a one/two week program.  We believe drinking green drinks should be apart of your everyday lifestyle.  Our program is designed to create healthy living.  If you think that a one week detox is demanding, or you don’t initially have the time, then start with the Victory Program. The Victory program incorporates drinking green drinks, as well as, eating healthy meals. If you want better results, try repeating the Full 7 day detox (Premier Program) approximately every two weeks alternating between the Victory Program.  When you start to become cleaner, you will notice that you will have less side-effects and have more energy and feel fresher.  Once you’ve reached this stage there are many ways to maintain this level of health and vitality.

Should I seek advice from my doctor before starting a detox and cleanse?


Yes.  You should always seek advice from your doctor before starting any detox and cleanse program.

What precautions and safeguards should I take?


•    If you are pregnant and/or breast-feeding a baby avoid using spa techniques which involve

     essentials oils or massage reflex points. Also, you should not take herbal medicines without      professional guidance
•    Before or shortly after any major surgery when the body is weak
•    If you suffer from any long-term physical or mental illness, or if you are undertaking                    treatment for cancer
•    If you are under 18 years or over 65 years of age
•    You should consult with your doctor before stopping any kind of medications that were               prescribed by your doctor for you
•    If you take medication as a diabetic, it is important to continue to monitor your blood sugar       frequently while on a detox or cleanse program, and be supervised by your doctor

Should I follow a detox or cleanse program if I am pregnant?


Before commencing any detox and cleanse program, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified practitioner or your doctor.  Please follow the advice of your doctor.  You should also consult with your doctor if you’re considering using herbal medicines and spa techniques while pregnant.

Can I detox and work at the same time?


Our drinks are so easy to make that you will be able to conduct your everyday duties and business as usual.  All drinks can be pre-made and kept cold up to 48 hours.

Is it OK to exercise and detox?

Yes it is OK!!  We strongly recommend it!!  Exercise  is essential for the detoxing process.  Monitor how your body and energy levels are, and listen to how your body feels on a regular basis.  Exercise does help flush out toxins more affectively from your body and also helps release stored stress and tension.  Exercise helps to promote positive thinking, boost your confidence and calms your mind; overall it also improves a sense of health and well-being.

If you are having detox symptoms it would seem counterproductive to exercise, however doing so may help relieve your symptoms.  To ensure that your not losing muscle mass, we suggest that you continue your normal weight lifting program. If you have never lifted weights we recommend you use very light weights to start.  I personally work out two hours everyday during the premier program.  On days were I may feel a little weak I sit in the sauna and sweat it out.

What are common detox symptoms? Should I continue if I feel bad while detoxing?


The drinks are designed to remove toxins and heavy metals from your body.  During this process you may experience symptoms that are unpleasant.  You might notice your breath may smell.  You may find that you have stronger smelling sweat odour, as well as your urine could look darker and have a stronger smell.  You may even experience nausea, headaches, or flu-type symptoms.  Sometimes previous symptoms could return and sinus or skin problems could worsen.  These are all signs that the detox process is taking place.  One way to ease or avoid these symptoms altogether is to increase your water intake.  Toxins are released through our urine, sweat glands, and fecal matter.  However, if symptoms persist or they become overwhelming you must seek further advice from your doctor as soon as possible.

Do I need to keep taking my medication during detox?

If you’re taking medicine prescribed by your doctor, then it’s best to consult your doctor concerning your situation. Your doctor will advise you what to do about your medication and will talk about any concerns you have.  If you feel uncertain, then it is sometimes best to seek a second opinion.  This can give you peace of mind.

What Are the Benefits of Green Drinks?


According to the University of Michigan’s Healing Foods Pyramid (, overall, we should eat more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables — two to four fruits and at least five vegetables — daily because a high consumption “helps reduce risk of various diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, asthma, macular degeneration and diverticulosis.” In addition, “increasing fruit and vegetable intake decreases risk of unhealthy weight gain.”

What's is the difference between drinking my greens and eating my greens?


Fruits and vegetables are made up of over 50 percent water, with fiber, carbohydrate, and nutrients making up the other components.  Drinking your greens makes it easier for your body to digest all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.  The fiber in the drinks allows you to feel "full" and satisfies your hunger longer.  This makes it an excellent drink for cleansing and detoxing.  Not eating allows your gut to rest and makes it easier to remove old fecal matter that may be the root to many illnesses.

Will I Feel Different if I follow the Discover You Program?


Yes!  Right away you’ll feel your digestive system responding, especially if you’ve been eating mostly refined, processed foods.  When you follow our program you’ll start to notice the following effects:
• More energy
• Desire to eat fresh, whole foods and to eliminate fast, refined, junk foods
• Glowing skin
• Regular bowel movements
• Lightness and less bloat
• Healthier skin, hair, and nails
• Weight loss
• Increased immune function
• Improved memory

What’s the Big Deal about using Organic?


We encourage you to purchase organic or local produce.  We are removing toxins so we don’t want to add toxic chemicals from herbicide and pesticide sprays, especially because you’ll be consuming more of them than you are used to during the full detox.  If you choose to not use organic produce, we recommend that you purchase a  vegetable spray that is effective in removing harmful residue.

Will I maintain my weight loss?


Absolutely!!!  The Discover You Detox Program has unlocked the door to losing the weight and keeping it off.  When you follow our program you will not only feel great mentally, but you will look great visibly.  Unlike fad diets, you will have the tools to incorporate a lifestyle change.

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