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7 Day Detox

I am so excited that you are interested in living a healthy life!

 I welcome and congratulate you for taking the first steps into a new start in your life!! As a mother of four, I decided to create a Detox Coaching Package that will assist others with achieving their individual health goals. Seven months after giving birth to my last child, I desired to get my body to its most healthy state. I tried several workout regimens and made better food choices, but at thirty-nine it had become harder than before to "bounce back".  I felt stronger due to the 5-day a week workouts but I still felt tired, foggy, and I simply could not trim my mid-section.  After being fed up with over exerting myself in the gym and receiving minimal results, I began to eliminate foods that were hindering my success and discovered the formula to rebooting my system. 


My Detox Coaching Package will be the kick start that you'll need to achieve all your health goals.   After following my program you will feel more energized, have mind clarity, and as a bonus-lose anywhere from 7lbs to 20lbs. This Detox is based on drinking alkaline based smoothies. 


Why alkaline?  Well, creating an alkaline body makes it extremely difficult for sickness and disease to thrive.  Also, as you know, we live in a world where the environment and the food we eat are contaminated with chemicals and compounds that causes a build-up of toxins in our digestive systems.  The results of these toxins are probably causing you to feel bloated, run-down, lethargic, and overweight (I've been there!)  Think about how good your body will feel to be cleansed and made new from the inside out. My Discover You alkaline drinks help make that happen.  You’ll feel and look like… a New You!!

Valerie L. Wright, MSW
Health Coach / Life Coach

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